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5 football campaigns that are trying to tackle discrimination

With discrimination reports in football on the rise, here are 5 campaigns that are looking to kick it out of the game.

A lot is being said about the levels of discrimination in football, whether this be sexism, racism or homophobia. But, what is being done about it?

Reports of discrimination are on the rise for the fifth consecutive year and have risen by 53% in the last year.

Thousands of footballers, referees and fans are being subject to different sorts of abuse because of their gender, race or sexual preference.

Here are 5 of the top campaigns battling discrimination in the game:

1) Kick it Out

Funded by the FA, Premier League, Professional Footballers Association and the English Football League, Kick It Out is a leading campaign ran worldwide to tackle racism in football.

Discrimination in UK football has risen for the fifth consecutive year. But former Kick It Out communications manager Danny Lynch, now at the FA, thinks an increase in figures may be a good thing.


First established in 1993 as a charity, this organsiation has international links with footballing bodies FIFA and UEFA, as well as Football Against Racism in Europe.

Kick It Out has a range of supporters in football, from Romelu Lukaku, Yaya Toure, Greg Dyke and Toni Duggan.

The famous organisation doesn’t only campaign for equality in the game, it also offers educational programmes at the House of Lords.

2) Football vs. Homophobia

Football vs. Homophobia is one of the leading LGBT organisations in the UK.

This organisation works alongside professional and grassroot football clubs to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in football.

Some of the major clubs that work alongside Homophobia vs. Football are: Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Manchester United, Manchester City, Newcaslte United, Stoke City and many more.

The organisation was created in 2010, alongside ‘The Justin Campgain’, a campaign created to demonstrate homophobia in football, years after footballs first openly gay player Justin Fashanu took his own life.

Research by Stonewall, a UK LGBT charity, found that one in five 18-24 year olds say they would be embarrassed if their favourite footballer came out as gay.

Homophobia vs. Football works alongside Pride Sports, to reduce and hopefully irridicate homophobia in football.

3) Women in Football

With over 42 incidents of sexism reported in football last year, Women in Football are trying to pave the way for females to work in and around the sport.

Differently to many of the organisations campaigning against discrimination in football, this one not ony helps players, but it helps women in general. Whether they’re looking for jobs in the media or playing the game.

Vikki Orvice has campaigned with Women In Football for years and is now a board member. (Image: The Sun)

Vikki Orvice, a sports reporter for The Sun and board member of Women In Football, is extremely proud of the work they do.

She said: “We set up 10 years ago with 6 members. We now have almost 2,000 across all professions in the industry.

“We chart sexism incidents, take complaints which are passed on to the FA and support women in legal cases if need be.

“We also challenge attitudes. We are still a voluntary organisation and receive very little funding. The work we do is immense in changing attitudes and behaviour especially over the last two years.

“Our survey of sexism in the industry is now the go-to-place for statistics and regularly quoted.”

4) Show racism the red card

This charity, similar to Kick it Out works to combat racism in modern football. Founded in 1996, the organisation targets young people to educate them and prevent any racism progresing into football.

Show Racism the Red Card delivers training to over 50,000 people in the UK yearly and has worked with professional footballers, such as: Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o.

The FA explain the thinking behind the length of ban for racism:

5) The Rainbow Laces Campaign

Stonewall FC are the UK’s ‘most successful LGBT team‘ and are the founders of the Rainbow Laces Campgain.

This was created to raise awareness for the LGBT community in football. Players were advised to wear rainbow laces in their boots to show their support.

It’s an initiative that now has over 40,000 sales of rainbow laces and is globally supported by professional players. Stonewall have recently joined forces with the Premier League to launch an LGBT initiative.

If you want to buy a pack to supporting the LGBT footballing community, click here.





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